IT Applications

We harness the use of latest Online Applications and CRM Solutions to assist insurance corporations in increasing their efficiency in work processors, thus generating greater customer satisfaction and excellent service experience. We are particularly strong in certain insurance products, where travel and health insurance is our niche.

In healthcare, Information Technology is becoming increasingly focused and thus,required due to the continued pressure in improving patients’ data sharing and collaborations in continuing care. Healthcare professionals are justifiably wary about adopting and using technology until there is a level of proven stability and security where gains in productivity outweigh the pain of adoption, especially in patient confidentiality and data management.

We understand the impact and applicability of HIPAA requirements, and are confident to assist healthcare professionals to apply such standards in the interest of good business practice and rationales. We also have custom code-generation applications built around HL7 which facilitate HL7 document creation, storage and retrieval.
With the increasing use of smart phones and mobile apps, we assist our partners in developing necessary mobile applications that are essential to its business and use of information for customers.

Our IT Capabilites

• Consulting & Outsourcing
• Application Development
• HIPPA & HL7 Compliance Solutions and Services
• Mobile Application Development
• Website & Portal Development
• Web Hosting & Maintenance
• Application Maintenance & Support
• Security & Data Management
• Application Training
• SaaS & Cloud Application Development

For further information on our IT applications and solutions, please contact us.