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We are Adept Health.

We focus on healthcare and insurance solutions with the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Adept Health, a Singapore-based Healthcare Consulting and Business Outsourcing Services Company delivering innovative healthcare and insurance solutions. We are the name behind healthcare and insurance companies with the use of our cutting-edge technologies and domain knowledge. Our services include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Claims Management and Adjudication, Medical Loss Adjustment and Investigation, Healthcare Case Management, Medical & Travel Assistance, and IT applications for healthcare and insurance.

Our Services

Training and Education


Harnessing some of the latest innovative technologies and solutions, together with domain expertise and operational excellence, Adept delivers strategic business value to insurance partners though its innovative solutions. We take care of the back-end day to day operations, delivering high quality service, improving process efficiency and transparency, and enabling business decisions based on comprehensive data analysis.


In Adept, we aim to be the enabler to facilitate people in navigating health eco-system, and a connector between doctors and patients to bring health closer to everyone. With the use of our applications, we aim to facilitate the convenience for patients to seek medical information; adequate access to some of the best practiced Doctors in the World-Class medical centres and hospitals. With our health screening and health education, we also aim to raise awareness and enable ourselves to take charge of our health. Live Healthy. Live Happy.

Training & Education

Each year in Singapore, over 1000 people experience a heart attack at home, at work or in public places. Almost half of the time, their family members, friends or colleagues would be nearby or beside them during the heart attack. Would you know what to do in such an event? All it takes is some basic knowledge and training, for the layperson to be able to give first aid and give this person a chance to survive. Time is critical, and it is the first responder who makes the difference.